Setting the Conventional for Customer Care, Plus Strategies for Newer Users

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Our user operations team is really a tight-knit group with a love for bitcoin along with a knack for problem-solving. Whether you’re a brand new or experienced Blockchain Wallet user, odds are you’ve already arrived at out or visited our support center.

Supplying support to some users list of nearly 12 million wallets isn’t any simple task, but we is singlehandedly raising the bar for customer support performance. The figures certainly reflect that. Yesteryear 6 several weeks were jampacked with 38,000 support demands, and our users received a preliminary response from us in only under 2 hrs typically, over a 25 hour benchmark. That’s much better than the first response rate for 98% of consumers contacting other ZenDesk-powered help center teams. And with regards to resolving issues around the try, we consistently performed over 20% above benchmark. They are figures we’re incredibly happy with. We truly appreciate their efforts to create using bitcoin and also the Blockchain Wallet a thrilling time.

As well as in true userops fashion, we of troubleshooters have helpfully crafted three of the most significant bits of advice to see newer users. Here’s the things they created:

Explore our Support Center and make the most of all of the sources when you need it. We have solutions to the most generally requested questions, and our Security Center guide is devoted entirely to walking you thru wallet security fundamentals. A fast search may help you save time and you’ll learn additional things on the way.

Write lower your bank account Recovery Phrase, Wallet ID, and password, and store them securely before delivering funds for your wallet. We never want users to become with no plan b, and that’s just what the recovery phrase is. Find out more about why it’s essential plus when you’ll require it here.

Make sure your transaction details before delivering. Bitcoin transactions can’t be turned around, so there isn’t any method to undo them if you’ve sent these to the incorrect recipient. At least, turn it into a habit to determine the amount you’re delivering, plus the foremost and last five digits associated with a bitcoin address you’re delivering to.

A large because of our support team for letting us pick their collective brain with this publish as well as for setting the defacto standard on customer care.