Useful Wallet Notifications & Sources

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Bitcoin can appear just a little (otherwise very) complicated and confusing, especially for brand spanking new and newer users. We all do our very best to reply to faq’s within our Support Center and here around the blog, but we’ve also integrated useful tips straight into our wallet! Within this publish we’ll cover a couple of of individuals tips.

Did you Know?

Whenever we transitioned to the V3 wallet, we added a useful tip display towards the bottom right from the Wallet Webpage that displays a brand new tip every time the page refreshes. Basically we presently feature solutions with a fundamental questions regarding charges, balances, delivering and receiving, we intend on expanding soon to pay for a wider selection of useful tips about topics like safe browsing, suggestions about phishing scams and wallet security.

Info on outgoing and incoming transactions

Each transaction inside your feed could be expanded to see the worth and fee cost inside your local currency during the time of the transaction, along with its confirmation status. In case your transaction is waiting for confirmation, you are able to hover over pending to understand more about how confirmations work and just what affects their speed.

Security Center tips

The 3 levels within our security center interact to keep your funds safe. To have an all-inclusive walkthrough you should check this out. For any faster rundown, hover over each step while logged to your wallet.


Our wallet FAQ develops the useful tips from Are You Aware?. It solutions questions like, “What should i do in order to keep my wallet safe?”, “Can Blockchain reset my password?” and “Can I purchase bitcoin?”. To discover the solutions to questions such as these and much more, click FAQ in the primary menu around the left.

Possess some feedback for all of us? Send it in out of your wallet using Send Feedback, or complete our Feedback / Feature Request form!