Phishing Sites: How You Can Report Them & Why It’s Important

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In recent security-focused posts, we’ve discussed phishing email warning flags, the significance of SSL, and online password management tools. But are you aware there’s something that you can do like a user also to help shut lower a malicious copycat site permanently? Keep studying and we’ll explain why this really is essential and just how it can be done.

Why must I report phishing sites?

First, let’s enter into why it’s vital that you report phishing sites. Phishing sites are made to trick users into exposing their personal or financial information. Our publish yesterday warning users about Sharechain is an ideal example. These deceiving sites come in Google Ads, searches, and therefore are maliciously shared on social networking platforms. What this means is they are able to achieve you, your buddies, and your loved ones, and set any unsuspecting person in danger. By reporting a phishing site (Google causes it to be quite simple), you’re assisting to stay, plus everybody inside your circle and beyond protected from thievery along with other risks. Quite simply, you’re pretty awesome.

Reporting a website to Google

Should you place a website you realize isn’t legit (such as the url within the above screenshot that’s eerily much like, there are a variety of methods for you to report it. Listed here are the steps suggested by Google:

To report a website that is not legitimate, you are able to report it to Google
To benefit by an illegitimate site the thing is appearing like a Google Ad
Select An advertisement violates other AdWords policies -> Phishing -> Text/Image Ad.

Follow Google’s instructions to copy the phishing site’s link and destination URL (this might vary based on your operating-system and browser).

Provide any other feedback or comments and click on Submit.

While in doubt, achieve out!

In case your accusations happen to be elevated but you aren’t completely certain in regards to a site or perhaps an email claiming to become from us, please achieve to us on Facebook, Twitter, or through our support portal. And most importantly, stay safe available.